Your Complete Guide to Working with a Strategic Communications Partner (vs. a PR Firm) in Texas

Companies wanting to do business in Texas often seek out a public relations firm to do their bidding. They issue a press release, host an event or run some ads. The results (if any) are rarely lasting. 

Companies that seek to make a deep and lasting impact in Texas while protecting their reputations in the face of detractors  use a strategic communications partner to execute a plan with surgical precision and true staying power.

In this white paper you will learn the differences between a PR firm and a strategic communications partner as well as the importance of:

  • Having a tailored message for different regions across Texas
  • Knowing your vulnerabilities and identifying areas adversaries or competitors  can exploit
  • Cultivating supporters and third-party advocacy groups
  • Gaining an advantage and control of the narrative regarding a divisive issue
  • Developing the perfect strategy for interacting with media outlets
  • Controlling your messaging with self-publishing

Put this information to work as you look to give your company an edge in Texas.


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