Statewide Field Network in Texas

Activate and Deploy a Carefully Assembled Network from the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle

Over more than a decade, The Monument Group has assembled a statewide field network of the most capable professionals in our industry, ready to activate immediately and deploy an effective ground-game. From Texarkana to El Paso, effective campaigns are built on authenticity earned through the credibility of local relationships.

Our Capabilities

  • Community Organization
  • Stakeholder Outreach / Alignment
  • Local Intelligence Gathering
  • Local Education Campaigns
  • Mobilization Efforts
  • Remote Event Assistance

How we think, why we do it our way and a little expertise on Texas.


How Do You Find a Qualified Advocate to Help Your Issue Succeed in Texas?

Assuming the initiative or issue you’re pursuing in Texas is so admirable  it’ll automatically receive a warm reception is shortsighted. You need others speaking on your behalf. No matter the project, your chances of success are small without the active

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