Years of hard work have shaped our culture and approach to client service. They are both the result of an amazing, dedicated team and experience diverse as the Texas landscape. From time to time, we learn a thing or two. Here is how we work, how we think, why we do it our way and some expertise on Texas.

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Commentary…under embargo

The New York Times (I know, it’s a long ways from Austin, TX) has a special section called Times Insider, designed to “deliver behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features, and opinion come together at The New York Times.” It’s a phenomenal concept in a day and age where Americans need to understand more about the free and open press and their role in commerce and democracy. A few weeks back Melina Delkic, a senior...

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How a Simple Whiteboard Changed Our Office

In May, a brown box the size of our conference table arrived. As curious eyes peeked around the doorway, our operations manager, Sarah, broke out the scissors and brushed by us to begin opening the box. A “finally,” murmured under her breath. Eventually, our team of ten stared at the scattered pieces of a massive whiteboard that was, of course, missing several screws. “So, what are we doing with this exactly?” Well, we’ve come to realize...