What We Do.

Our experience is diverse like the Texas landscape. Our extensive network of professionals shakes hands with markets across the state and beyond, delivering unmatched familiarity with the people, politics and public relations that shape the most successful campaigns. We work alongside local small businesses, as well as the largest employers in the state, delivering the strategies and tactics for telling their stories in a way that impacts policy, public opinion, and consumer sentiment.

What We Do What We Do
Public Relations

Great brand strategies are grounded in an organization’s unique capabilities, offerings, opportunities and character. We conduct research to uncover factors critical to target audiences, as well as an internal examination of an organization’s aspirations and values to craft durable positioning campaigns. We work closely with our clients to tell their stories in creative and innovative ways, developing authentic relationships with consumers, the media, and audiences critical to their reputations and bottom lines.

  • Media Relations
  • Strategy / Positioning
  • Social Media Management / Digital Presence
  • Persuasive Messaging
  • Rollouts / Launches / Event Management
  • Branding / Creative

Public Affairs

The complexity and sophistication of today’s political and media environments require innovative strategies for educating and mobilizing advocates, shaping public opinion and impacting policy. We create high-impact programs that deliver results for clients by identifying key objectives, crafting persuasive messages, recruiting allies and building powerful coalitions. We are strategists, as well as tacticians, who operate with the urgency and discipline of a political campaign to elevate the visibility of issues and create the most favorable environments for success.

  • Campaign Strategy / Management
  • Message Development / Testing
  • Coalition Building
  • Public Opinion Research
  • Competitive Research / Intelligence
  • Digital Engagement
  • Grassroots And Grasstops Outreach / Mobilization
  • Ally Development / Influencer Recruitment

Strategic Campaigns

We help our clients understand the motivations and priorities of groups with the greatest potential to impact their reputations and business goals. The programs we build are based on decades of experience managing campaigns for candidates, corporations and issues. We focus on reaching broad public audiences, as well as establishing relationships with like-minded third parties, building custom approaches to most effectively position our clients with their most critical constituencies.

  • Message / Materials Development
  • Crisis Communications
  • Thought Leadership
  • Political Insight / Policy Analysis
  • Lobby Coordination
  • Media Strategy / Engagement
  • Reputation Management


Professional research is the foundation of bulletproof messaging and critical decision-making processes. We prepare clients with intelligence reports to simplify a complex landscape and empower evidence-driven strategies. Complicated issues require thoughtful message translation that is easily understood and shareable by target audiences. We help our clients understand their greatest strengths and competitive vulnerabilities with fact-based information, not rhetoric, so they are prepared for every situation.

  • Issue/Policy-Based Intelligence Reports / Messaging
  • Vulnerability Research / Response Matrices
  • Competitor / Opposition Intelligence
  • Allies / Stakeholders Analysis
  • Event-Based Research
  • Professional Vetting
  • War Room / Press Clip Packages

Statewide Field Network

Over more than a decade, The Monument Group has carefully assembled a statewide field network of the most capable professionals in our industry, ready to activate immediately and deploy an effective ground-game. From the Gulf Coast to the Permian Basin, effective campaigns are built on authenticity earned through the credibility of local relationships.

  • Community Organization
  • Stakeholder Outreach / Alignment
  • Local Intelligence Gathering
  • Local Education Campaigns
  • Mobilization Efforts
  • Remote Event Assistance