Permian Strategic Partnership

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Permian Strategic Partnership

Preparing For The Future

As the oil and gas boom continues in the Permian Basin, the region is faced with a familiar strain on local resources and infrastructure.

The Permian Strategic Partnership is an alliance of 18 energy companies located in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico. For the first time in history, these companies have come together with one goal in mind: supporting the Permian community. By partnering with local leaders, the Permian Strategic Partnership works hard to make roads safer, improve schools, upgrade healthcare, increase affordable housing and train the next generation of workers.

Permian Strategic Partnership Lubbock, Texas
Permian Strategic Partnership John Cornyn
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Communicating Progress

The Monument Group provides strategic communications counsel for the coalition as it works in collaboration with elected officials, local leaders, community organizations and citizens from West Texas and Southeast New Mexico to develop solutions that strengthen local communities in the region. Our role as the coordinating partner ensures progress, accountability, and communication across the companies and committee initiatives. Our daily efforts for the PSP include providing guidance on messaging, materials development, infographics, continuous media monitoring and engagement, meeting with local stakeholders and third-party advocates, and coordinating awareness of the coalition as interest in the region continues to grow throughout the state and country.

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